It is an electric motor machine working with manual control, it is designed as a type of machine that adapts faster than related similar products with higher productivity. It works with an electric motor, the motor is controlled by a pedal.

Our machines are the most preferred machines in the country thanks to their quality and prices. By providing on-site service, we solve many of your problems in the fastest and easiest way. In our overseas sales, we price on the basis of usd/eoro according to the customs legislation of the requested country and the form of request (Cif/Fob). We have additional molds used in the machines and we supply them if you need them. We ship our machines outside of Istanbul on request, with a wooden case, to your name without any problems and damage. Wooden crates are also used in our overseas sales.

Machine Information:

  • The machine body is cut precisely in laser CNC, it is assembled by interlocking therefore welding traces etc are not visible. Robustness is more durable compared to the cast body.
  • Having the body as one piece, the machine does not shake.
  • The machine shaft housing has three bearings leaving no possibility of a gap and deviation.
  • The machine can work silently and serially.
  • It is damage free to the nailed material and the nailed work during the nailing process.
  • All kinds of stony or painted materials can be easily hammered without causing any damage.
  • Having a geared system enables the machine working quiet and powerful.
  • It works with 380 Volt industrial current. The electronic box has a counter, and each nail made can be tracked. If the machine gets stuck, it cuts off the electricity within three seconds and prevents any damage to the engine.
  • Since the machine system works with the eccentric system, molds do not touch each other, so material and nailed work are not damaged.
  • The machine has a laser point light and allows you to easily nail your marked works.
  • The machine has a hand protection system.


Call us for your enquiries and questions on machine price, spare parts, service offers.

Please call before placing an order as the price of the machine might change due to today’s economical conditions.

Ordered machines can be delivered within 3 working days.


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